Cal Bowdler Net Worth

Cal Bowdler Net Worth – Social Media Influencer

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Cal Bowdler is the basketball player who has had great success in the NBA. However, did you know that he has also been a social media influencer? Read on to learn more about this celebrity.

Basketball player

During the three years that he played in the NBA, Cal Bowdler made a salary of approximately $1 million to $1.2 million. He played for the Atlanta Hawks from 1999 to 2002. He averaged 3.0 points per game and 1.9 rebounds per game during his time in the NBA. He also shot 50% from the field.

Bowdler was born on March 31, 1977, in Sharps, Virginia. He went to school at Rappahannock High School in Warsaw, Virginia. He then attended Old Dominion University, where he was coached by Jeff Capel. As a senior, Bowdler was voted first-team all-Colonial Athletic Association. As a junior, he averaged 10 points and nine rebounds per game. He was selected by Atlanta in the 1999 NBA Draft, seventeenth overall.

Bowdler had played in 142 games during his time in the NBA. He averaged 29 wins in his three seasons. As a center, Bowdler averaged 1.9 rebounds and 0.2 assists per game. He had 1 assist and a block. He shot 50% from the field and 4/4 from the free-throw line.

Social media influencer

Whether or not he’s still playing ball, basketball star Cal Bowdler has certainly been in the spotlight. He was selected to play for the Atlanta Hawks in 1999 and has enjoyed three seasons in the league. He has also played for Italy based professional teams. However, he has not been active on the court for the better part of a decade. Now, he spends his time working for a telecommunications company in Atlanta. His wife, Brooklin Tamara Bowdler, is a former model, and they have four children together. In fact, it was her that led to Cal’s most memorable moment.

Cal Bowdler’s most successful years were spent in Virginia, and his most memorable moment was the moment he found out he had been drafted into the NBA. In the same breath, he also learned that he’d been married to Brooklin for six years. This is a very big deal in his hometown of Northern Neck, Virginia.


Despite the fact that Brooke Bowdler is an actress, model, therapist, creator and social media personality, she is also an NBA fan. Her social media accounts include 2.1k posts and 23k followers. Her daughter Rachel has a fairly dynamic Instagram page, with content shared for her better half.

Brooke Bowdler was born around 1983. She grew up in Atlanta. She started modeling, and had three children in her twenties. After a long battle with addiction, she was moved to a Christian home in Valdosta, Georgia. She lived in a room with three other addicts, and volunteered at a Christian crisis center in Columbus for three months.

After Brooke became addicted to narcotics, she spent a long time fighting addiction. When Cal Bowdler first met her, she was 18 years old. He tried to get her into a rehabilitation center three times. However, she did not want to go.

Hobbies and interests

Throughout his life, Cal Bowdler has been extremely active. He has played basketball at Old Dominion University and the Atlanta Hawks. He was a three-year starter and averaged 14.7 points and 10 rebounds as a senior. He was also named to the Colonial Athletic Association’s first team.

When Bowdler was a kid, he loved basketball. He played because it was fun and he thought there was a future in it. However, his love life has taken him down a wacky path. As a result, he has become obsessed with the challenge of building a business from the ground up.

His life in Italy had been very lucrative, but he was hungry for a more stable lifestyle. Bowdler was a mercenary. He would return to Italy twice more for money.

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