Bucky’s Dead Happy New Year

Bucky Barnes – Celebrating Bucky’s Happy New Year

Since Bucky Barnes was tragically destroyed by a HYDRA drone plane during his Silver Age debut in The Avengers # 4 (Mar., 1964), much has changed. For the first time ever in Marvel Comics history, we must confront the tragedy of a hero’s passing; now this beloved character stands broken and alone.

As Captain America, Bucky attempts to make amends with those he has wronged during his time as the Winter Soldier; working for Nick Fury and later joining the Avengers, he still strives to atone for any mistakes made while under Hydra’s control. At times he leads other atoners; at others he’s just another guy trying to help Earth out however he can.

The Therapist and Her Patient
After Steve Rogers’ passing, Bucky was one of the first atoners to offer his assistance in taking down HYDRA’s evil leaders. At first, he served as a team member of Steve’s Howling Commandos which took on HYDRA’s enemies covertly; joining this group out of love for Rogers rather than for himself.

He later joined the Avengers and has become an invaluable member of their team. Rebranded as Captain America, he helped defeat many HYDRA’s villains. Additionally, Nick Fury has always had his back and is one of Nick Fury’s closest friends within the Avengers.

The Party x OC
You and Bucky went out with some friends to welcome in the new year. As everyone arrived at your celebration, there were hundreds of drunk partygoers, champagne bottles popping and glittery confetti scattered everywhere. It had been an enjoyable night – until something inside you started questioning it all. Was what you said wrong or were your emotions getting the better of you? Suddenly you knew in your heart that a little pause was needed in order to reflect and process things better.

But you didn’t want to leave him forever, not when your feelings for him were so strong. You didn’t know if there would ever be another like him in your life and whether you could ever find peace again. Yet the decision had to be made, yet again.

Moments later, however, an epiphany struck you: if you wanted to stay with him forever, it meant reconsidering everything you had previously said about him.

It meant he once loved you and wanted you for the rest of his life; yet now that you were gone, he didn’t need to. That was the hardest thing for him to accept; yet ultimately it proved to be the best course of action.

You didn’t expect him to love you back or that he would return the feeling. You had no idea that after some time together, he’d understand your needs and desires so perfectly; and after months of dating, it would become clear to both of you that only he could truly fulfill all your wishes. It wasn’t your expectation at all that this man could bring happiness into your life again.

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