Brooklyn 99 Drinking Game

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Drinking Game

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has long been one of the most beloved television series on both streaming and broadcast platforms, and for good reason: This comedy police drama turns all the sex, drugs, and violence typically seen in crime shows like CSI and Law and Order into laugh-out-loud humor that appeals to audiences of all ages. Starring Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher with a stellar supporting cast including Fred Armisen from SNL alumni alongside many more SNL-alums adds the perfect recipe.

While sex and drugs remain part of Brooklyn 99’s plotline, they take a backseat to office shenanigans and interoffice romance jokes – something many viewers find entertaining. If you love this show as much as we do then now is the time to play our Brooklyn 99 drinking game with friends; all you need are some drinks and your TV to start having some serious fun with this hilarious series!

There are various ways that you can play this brooklyn 99 drinking game, but the easiest is probably sitting down with friends and coming up with your own set of rules for it. Once everything is settled upon and everyone agrees on them then break out the alcohol and watch Brooklyn 99!

First rule in this Brooklyn 99 drinking game is drinking whenever Captain Holt flashes back to his afro days – this should be easy as most episodes feature this trope! In addition, drinking should occur whenever Jake explains his lack of professionalism or when there is a scene featuring Boyle’s awkwardness; additional scenes that might come into play in this drinking game include those mentioned elsewhere; therefore it is best to pay close attention during each episode as you watch!

One recurring gag on the show is the Santiago Drunkenness Scale. This scale measures Amy’s changing personalities when she gets drunker – from being spacey and not speaking clearly when first drinking to becoming loud and shouty after two drinks and Horny Amy at four drinks!

At five drinks she is Amy the equestrian while at six she becomes weirdly confident girl – an easy rule for playing the Brooklyn 99 drinking game and applicable across its many episodes.

Once your friends and you are watching Brooklyn 99 together, take out your beers and play our drinking game! It’s the perfect way to bond while having some fun while watching!

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