Broad Ideas Podcast Olivia Allen

Broad Ideas Podcast With Rachel Bilson and Olivia Allen

Rachel Bilson, known for her roles on The OC and Hart of Dixie, is expanding her inner circle by co-hosting Broad Ideas podcast alongside longtime bestie Olivia Allen. Their discussions range from discussing mental health concerns to sexual encounters and ghostly encounters — with nothing being off-limits in these free-flowing conversations between friends.

Bilson made for quite the comedy segment on Broad Ideas as she and co-host Sarah Knight debriefed with guest Tommy Dorfman. Everything seemed normal until host Rob Holsyz asked what Bilson missed most about ex Bill Hader (who Bilson recently called her “biggest d**k”) whom Bilson recently called her biggest “d**k.”

Bilson doesn’t shy away from sharing details of her life, particularly her sexual history. She and her co-host frequently reveal details such as which sex toys they have used or their first orgasm experiences as well as the sexual habits of their children and more. Furthermore, they delve deeper by discussing both regrettable sex choices they’ve made as well as those they are most proud of making.

Broad Ideas podcast can be found wherever podcasts are downloaded, with episodes covering topics like moms who microdose, colonics as dates and how much you would pay for sex. Bilson and Allen have welcomed guests such as Kristen Bell, Mandy Moore and Zooey Deschanel into the discussion on their podcast.

The ladies have discussed various nuances of their friendship with one another, from developing their podcast to witnessing Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake dance-off at a nightclub. We love hearing celebrities open up about their relationships and friendships – we especially enjoy it when they don’t hesitate to get real! Listen now for new episodes every week or subscribe now to stay informed!

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