Britney Spears Hair Dryer Brush

A Britney Spears Hair Dryer Refresher Course

If you’re in the market for a new hair dryer and need a quick refresher course, Britney Spears’ aptly named hair salon is an ideal place to pick up some tips and tricks. With a staff of hairstylists, you’re sure to leave looking your best. Some of the tricks of the trade include blow drying, a good deep conditioning routine and a daily dose of good old fashion TLC. A tip of the hat to Spears’ guru Kevin Mancuso. The aforementioned hairstylist also knows a thing or two about hair coloring and styling. To this end, he’s a pro at a number of techniques including the aforementioned blow dry, a bit of perming and a splash of color in the right places. As a bonus, Spears’ aforementioned assistants are a fun and entertaining bunch to boot.

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