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Brennan Ruault Leaves Gold Rush to Join Rick Ness

Brennan Ruault is a well-known face from Discovery’s hit reality show Gold Rush. This captivating show follows the lives of eager miners as they travel north in search of precious metals, with Parker Schnabel serving as his captain and Brennan proving himself invaluable as an excavator expert. Brennan became part of Parker Schnabel’s crew quickly, showing great energy and enthusiasm when searching for precious metals like gold. Brennan became part of Parker Schnabel’s crew a key member who excelled at his excavator specialist role – something viewers will recognize from watching Gold Rush!

Brennan still finds time for himself and physical fitness despite his busy schedule, taking advantage of regularly working out, hunting and fishing trips as well as motorbiking and snowmobiling activities. Brennan was even caught up in an avalanche while driving his snowmobile but managed to crawl his way out safely!

Brennan enjoys spending his free time with his family. As father to two daughters, he takes great pleasure watching them play hockey and soccer; supporting one’s passion for cross country skiing — she is currently training to compete at her second Winter Olympic games this year and hopes to take home a medal; Brennan even recognized this tenacity by conferring upon her the Inga Award, given out annually to women who have demonstrated perseverance in Nordic Olympic skiing.

Gold Rush fans were stunned to see Brennan suddenly switch teams and join Rick Ness’. Brennan explained his decision in a September 24 episode; citing how his relationship with Parker Schnabel had become strained due to drama surrounding them and co-foreman stress as factors in his departure.

Brennan stated that the last thing he wants is another season filled with drama on the show, while also noting his need to focus on himself and things that bring joy in life.

While Brennan’s decision may come as a shock to viewers, cast members can make decisions that best serve their careers and futures. As we move through Season 4, it will be interesting to witness any other unexpected decisions the cast of Gold Rush makes that will shock and surprise us!

Jeff Bagwell and Rachel Bagwell, Dominic Solanke and Erica Raimondi, Tim Herron and his wife Ann Herron, Zach Thomas (Zachary Thomas’ son) with his father Steve Thomas, Tia Blanco with Simon White as her spouse, and Steve Yzerman and Lisa are among those featured on the show. Each couple brings its own distinct experiences to the table; it will be intriguing to follow how their lives progress throughout this season.

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