Bonawyn Eison Net Worth

Bonawyn Eison Net Worth

During his years of work, Bonawyn Eison has won many awards, including the Golden Globe, Oscar and Tony awards. He has also been nominated for numerous other awards. He has also been featured in several movies and television shows. He has also written several books.

About Bonawyn Eison

Among the most successful and successful individuals in the financial markets is Bonawyn Eison. She is a well-known options trader. She is also a director of Sunrise Brokers LLP. Her net worth is estimated at $2-$7 million. She has a yearly income of around $300k.

Bonawyn Eison is an expert in the field of Equity Derivatives. She manages a team of brokers in emerging markets. She has a bright future ahead of her. She is also a director of a private firm that has a $100 million endowment portfolio. She is also a member of the Investment Committee of the Lasker Foundation.

In the academic career, Bonawyn Eison has completed a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stanford University and a Master’s in Business Administration from a reputed university. She is also a member of the Financial Planning & Analysis team at CNBC International. She has a soundex index of B552. She also contributes regularly to financial markets programs like CNBC’s Options Action and Fast Money.


Besides working for Cnbc, Bonawyn has also made a name for himself as an options trader. His most recent gig saw him managing portfolios for Citadel Global Multistrategy Fund. A recent promotion has put the erstwhile financial strategist in the driver’s seat. It’s no wonder he is the man of the moment when it comes to business news and financial advice.

The biggest question remains, where is the best place to start when it comes to assessing the future of finance? Whether it’s New York, London or Tokyo, Bonawyn is no stranger to the city. Besides his recent promotion, he has also had the good fortune of being able to study and learn from some of the best and brightest in the financial business. After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Economics, he made the move to New York for what would prove to be a lucrative career.


Among the wealthiest people in the world, Bonawyn Eison is a household name. He is also known for his contributions to the world. He is also known for his slew of awards and accolades. He has been referred to as a role model for the younger generation.

As for his professional life, Bonawyn Eison has been married for quite some time. He is also the proud father of two children. He has worked in various jobs, including in a clothes shop. He started out in the financial markets with a focus on options trading. Later on, he managed portfolios for JPMorganChase and Citadel Global Multi-strategy fund. He also had a brief stint as a financial strategist for a Malaysian company. He is currently the Financial Strategist, Contributor for CNBC, a business news channel based in India.

He was a standout on the field, racking up career high school records for the most goals, assists, and points. He also earned three varsity letters and the accolade of midfielder of the year. He also holds the record for the most assists in a single season of high school soccer.

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