Boda Tatiana Santodomingo Y Andrea Casiraghi

Boda Tatiana Santo Domingo Rechulski

On February 1st, Prince Carl of Monaco and Colombian Tatiana Santo Domingo Rechulski will exchange religious vows. According to Swiss newspaper 24 Heures and Vogue Magazine.

Young lady from Monaco aged 28 plays second on Monaco’s succession list while also acting as her son’s mother at 7.

Both have enjoyed an enduring romantic and platonic relationship for over two decades, which began to formalise in 2012. That year saw them begin an engagement project which never materialised; by March 2013, Alexandre Andrea Casiraghi, affectionately known as Sasha was born as their first child together.

This summer, a couple reunited at Portofino in Italy accompanied by their Spanish child. Here they sought relaxation and fun with family, friends and familiars in a rejuvenating alpine environment.

Attendees of this wedding had various ways of celebrating, with some opting for more formal African and Western rhythm wedding ceremonies with African influences and western rhythms, followed by an informal wedding reception featuring tiroteos, musical games and beer barrels for guests to attend.

What Is Sexy Wedding of Younger Couple? A youthful wedding can serve as an eventful gathering between friends and family members; here we share images that give an idea of the occasion and its festivities.

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