Bobby Fishscale Net Worth

Bobby Fishscale Net Worth

Roc Nation Hip-Hop artist Bobby Fishscale is one of the most talented individuals in the industry today. His talent has helped him become a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, as well. His net worth is estimated at over $8 million. This is an amazing amount of money, which is owed to him because he has done so much for the industry.

Roc Nation hip-hop artist

Roc Nation hip-hop artist Bobby Fishscale is a street trapper who was recently signed to the label. His latest mixtape, Da Relapse, features notable beats like “He Hard” and “Dark Place.”

Bobby Fishcale’s music has a unique sound and he uses hardcore Trap beats to describe trauma. His lyrics reflect the influences of his upbringing. He has also been nominated for the BMI Social Status Award.

Bobby Fishcale is from Quincy, Florida, a city near Tallahassee. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and participated in the streets. His father was a DJ. He started writing lyrics while he was young.

Bobby Fishcale has worked hard to stay relevant in the music industry. He has released several songs and videos. He is currently working on his next project, The Last Re-Up, which will be released late August 2020.

Bobby Fishscale has had several jail terms, serving several different prison sentences. Some of his arrests were for selling drugs. But he has vowed not to return to the dark days of his life. He has worked hard to gain recognition and gain wealth through his music. He is also a father to an eight-year-old daughter.

AEW wrestler

AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is the name of a new professional wrestling company that has been gaining steam since it was launched in December 2014. It has been successful in recruiting talented performers from around the world. Some of these are the likes of Kenny Omega, Matt Hardy, Bobby Fish, and Jon Moxley.

One of the most important features of AEW is the way it pays its wrestlers well. Fish receives a hefty salary of $500,000. In addition, he gets paid for selling merchandise. In fact, he has recently landed a record deal with the Roc Nation label. He also made a video game debut in WWE 2K19.

Bobby Fish is a two-time NXT Tag Team Champion. He has also competed in numerous PPV matches for various promotions. He is known for his technical knockout win against Justin Pierpoint. One of his signature moves is using the “Behind Bars” chant by Auracle.

The AEW logo can be seen on many of Fish’s shirts. He also wears a custom mouth guard. Usually, these are shark-tooth designs. He is a member of the reDragon tag team. His tag team has been around since 2013 and has been successful in capturing the ROH World Tag Team Championship.


Currently, Bobby Fishscale is a prominent celebrity. He has made his mark on the entertainment industry with his viral video “Hot N*gga”. He is currently working with WWE and RCA to get his music career going. He recently released a mixtape titled Da Relapse.

Bobby Fishscale’s net worth is estimated to be in the neighborhood of two million dollars. He has had quite a ride since he was born on October 27, 1979 in Albany, NY. His family was not rich, so he had to manage his family finances while pursuing his education. His first job was as a full time employee at a clothing store. He later moved to another city to further his education.

Bobby Fishscale has been in jail four times. He has also sold drugs. His best claim to fame is his viral video “Hot N*gga”. The video is actually the best example of what the internet can do.

Personal life

Roc Nation signee Bobby Fishscale has been steadily rising to the top of the Trap music scene. The Florida rapper has been known for his smooth delivery, and his ability to spit fire over top-notch beats. He has also worked with big names like Juicy J and Mozzy. In the last year, he released his debut mixtape, Big Fish, and he has just released his second EP, The Evolution.

Bobby’s highly anticipated eight track project features a powerful new collaboration with Quavo, along with powerful lyrics and rhythmic bars. The EP also includes collaborations with Juicy J and Mozzy. Bobby’s lyricism is on point and his music has an unrivaled flow that is sure to appeal to a wide variety of fans. The Evolution is a great way to introduce Bobby to his new fans.

Bobby Fishscale recently released his debut mixtape, Big Fish, which features tracks such as “Hov Flow” and “Favorite,” and has garnered a lot of attention. The mixtape stirred up a bidding war among record labels. In addition, Bobby has been named Tallahassee’s Hustler of the Year. He also hosts a weekly show, Big Facts, which airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on REVOLT.

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