Bobby Berk Emily Hampshire

Bobby Berk and Humpday With Emily Hampshire

Bobby Berk has an extraordinary ability to communicate with his fans. As a social media star, he constantly shares his latest discoveries and adventures with his followers.

He and the rest of his Fab Five crew are currently filming Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’s sixth season in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, due to a COVID-19 pandemic, most members are stuck inside their homes producing content virtually for now.

Bobby’s Instagram page is bustling with activity right now with his popular Live series and several other vlogs to keep you in the know. He’s also been fostering a local Austin Pets Alive dog, but Bobby has something new on the horizon that will definitely leave an impact.

It’s no secret that Chris Brown always puts on a show. Aside from partying and spending time with his celebrity friends, he also shares interior designer tips on Instagram for those who appreciate design.

He’s even started a new series called Humpday with Emily Hampshire, which allows him to showcase his social media skills while contributing to an awesome cause.

The novelty of the night is “Heads Up,” where players try and estimate how much toilet paper is inside a bag using only their eyes. It’s an innovative idea that could be applied in many scenarios such as when your pet leaves home or someone close to you becomes ill.

The best part of the exercise is that it can be quite entertaining. It’s like the old saying, “The only way to find out is by asking,” and you may just come away with some new insights from it that you weren’t expecting.

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