Bob Mackie Wearable Art

Cher Wears Bob Mackie Wearable Art

Cher has been honored by the CFDA for her influence on fashion, and Bob Mackie’s contributions have been recognized by the CFDA. Cher has worn the work of Bob Mackie, who helped bring old-fashioned Hollywood glamour into the twenty-first century. Mackie has collaborated with fashion historians Gerry Bremer and Diana Vreeland on books like Dressing For Glamour and Hollywood Costume, and with writers like Maurel Reilly and Bernadine Morris for The Fashion Makers.

Bob Mackie has been designing clothes for six decades. His creations have been featured on Broadway stages as well as TV screens. He has received nine Emmy Awards, is a three-time Oscar nominee, and is a recipient of the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award. His work is so influential and popular that it has been made into a collectible book. This book will appeal to lovers of classical ballet, musical theatre, and pop culture.

His whimsical fashion sense has made Mackie a highly successful designer. The halter-style neck of his 1988 beaded minidress featured a trompe l’oeil beaded “bandana”, which was attached to the beaded skirt. The designer pushed the limits of design to create outrageous fashion. He accessorized the look with a ten gallon hat and cowboy-style shoes. Mattel even asked Mackie to design Barbie dolls.

This Bob Mackie Wearable Arts blouse is in excellent condition. The jacket is a modern medium/large. The blouse is clean and ready to wear. It is pictured with accessories, but not included in the sale. You can also find the blouse without accessories in the jewelry and accessories sections. Similar jackets can be found for a fraction the price. If you’d like to own one of the iconic pieces from Bob Mackie, consider this great deal.

Cher is the most well-known woman to have worn a Bob Mackie outfit. Cher is credited with making the designer’s work famous. Cher was photographed on the cover of Time magazine in 1975 wearing one of Mackie’s creations. Cher was a fashion icon with her extravagant style. Mackie’s work made Mackie a celebrity. Cher is the woman behind the icon. There are no other celebrities quite like her.

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