Bob Backlund Net Worth

Bob Backlund Net Worth

Bob Backlund is a former professional wrestler and member of the WWE Hall of Fame. His net worth is estimated at $35 million. He is also an actor and has appeared in MTV’s Singled Out. Backlund is an American national. You can find out more about his career in this article.

He assaulted wrestlers and other WWF employees

In the 1990s, Backlund was a nice guy who mentored many up-and-coming stars. However, he turned heel after losing the WWF Championship to The Iron Sheik. Backlund’s actions resulted in several assaults on friends and fellow employees.

Backlund returned to the WWF in 1992 after leaving the company in 1988. By then, the WWF had changed dramatically. While Backlund still wore plain tights, he lacked the outspoken style of the new generation of stars. As a result, Backlund was stuck in mid-card territory.

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