Black Swan Makeup Easy

Make Black Swan Makeup Easy For Halloween

For a dramatic Halloween look, black swan makeup is the perfect choice. Inspired by Natalie Portman’s iconic movie, this dramatic look can be easily replicated with some tricks up your sleeve.

Create the illusion of wings extending from your eyes by using a black waterproof eyeliner pencil. You can draw them from either inside your eyelids, or alternatively draw them from its outer corners if desired. When finished, use darker eyeliner to create the feathered effect and finish by adding some rhinestones for an added finishing touch.

Another spooky Black Swan makeup trend has been taking over Instagram accounts of celebrities and fashionistas alike: double wing eyeliner. Natalie Portman first popularized this look with red contact lenses in promotional images for 2011’s Black Swan movie release, and Julia Fox is following suit. According to reports, she’s kept up the look even after her split with Kanye West; likely drawing inspiration from Pat McGrath’s recent Chanel couture show appearance.

You can achieve the look by tracing your eyes with white face paint, which looks similar to body paint and can be purchased from any craft store. Alternatively, you could make your own using either black face paint base plus water-based white paint (the latter will last longer).

Applying makeup is a cinch. All you need is foundation cream, black pencil liner and silver pen to draw on your eyes, lips and cheeks. Finally, grab some maroon lipstick and either black mascara or false eyelashes to finish off.

If you don’t already own any black makeup items, a gold or silver eyeliner and black brow pencil can be used to achieve the same result without spending money on all necessary black and gold items. This saves time as you don’t need to purchase multiple products of each.

When dressing up as the Black Swan, remember to get a tutu in the color of your choice. They come in various lengths and styles to suit any need – the key is finding one that’s slightly shorter than full-length so it feels comfortable while you wear it.

Ballet shoes are essential for this look, but if you don’t mind wearing heels or want to save some cash, flats are also an option. They’ll still give off the illusion of dancership but won’t cause any pain on your feet.

Celebrity makeup artist cassie Lomas shares her expert tips for creating the dramatic black swan makeup perfect for Halloween. Watch as she breaks down how easy it is for anyone to achieve this dark and stunning look!

For Halloween, Black Swan makeup is the ideal choice as it’s both simple and elegant enough for anyone to achieve. With just a few steps, you’ll have the perfect black swan makeup to wear at your next costume party!

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