Biomax Snail Wrinkle Care Cream

Biomax Snail Wrinkle Care Cream

This cream is made from snails and has a gel-like texture. It also contains an intensive repair formula that helps to restore skin’s moisture, firmness, and texture. It is formulated with snail mucus filtrate, deep seawater, and botanical stem cell extracts to combat signs of aging and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It is suitable for all skin types. Its hydrating properties make the skin smooth and clear.

Snail cream is free from common allergens such as oils, sulfates, or fragrances. It does not contain silicones or parabens. It can be used on the body and face, but it is best to apply it after cleansing the skin. It should be applied morning and evening.

Glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid with anti-inflammatory effects and keratolytic properties, is another key ingredient. It works as a skin moisturizer and exfoliator by targeting the corneocytes in the skin’s top layers. This ingredient also improves cell separation and turnover, and it also acts as a humectant. It can also improve the skin’s complexion.

Snail mucin is a key ingredient in snail cream, and it contains three key components: hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and allantoin. Because it can hold upto 1,000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to add moisture to the skin. It can also help heal wounds and promote cell growth and longevity. It may also help reduce signs of aging.

The slime from snails helps fight inflammation, reduces skin wrinkling, and promotes collagen production. It also helps tighten the skin and re-hydrates it. It is also hydrating, so it is great for dry skin. There is also an added benefit to this product: it promotes skin regeneration.

The snail cream contains peptides and anti-aging properties. It also contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and promote skin collagen production. This results in skin that is smoother, more youthful-looking, and less wrinkled. The snail cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which helps to lock in moisture.

Snail extract has been used for many years as a cosmetic product. It is used often as a facial treatment. It was used in ancient Greece to reduce inflammation and improve the immune system. It has since gained popularity as a skin care product. Snail facials have been offered in Europe and Asia.

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