Billie Eilish Lip Filler

Is Billie Eilish A Victim Of Lip Filler Rumors?

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest pop stars worldwide right now, known for her macabre aesthetic and dramatic performances which often include crying black tears or landing heavily with tar-heavy wings. At 18 years old she is also renowned songwriter with lyrics capable of communicating emotions to an audience.

Though she has achieved great fame, she has never felt satisfied with her body image and has openly admitted it. Because of this struggle with body image, she has recently altered her look radically; ditching the green hair and dark image that had defined her look for blonde locks and an airier aesthetic; wearing lingerie for photo-op images has led to speculation she may have received lip fillers.

Although she hasn’t confirmed it, singer Rihanna appears to have received lip fillers or at least plumper gloss. When comparing old pictures with her current photos, it’s clear that her lips appear fuller and have more of an angular shape compared to before; this could simply be down to makeup changes or could indicate cosmetic surgery being performed on them.

Billie has inspired speculation from fans regarding possible cosmetic surgery due to the shape of her nose. Some believe this change may have resulted from rhinoplasty surgery.

Although Billie may not be officially famous, she does enjoy an enormous cult following due to her music and unique look. With millions of Instagram followers and an enormous social media following, she serves as an inspirational figure for young girls and women worldwide aspiring to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. Additionally, Billie has spoken out against bullying as well as provided insight into her struggle with depression.

Billie may not be an official celebrity, but she still commands an avid following that follows her every move and speculates about plastic surgery rumors whenever she posts pictures online. While we cannot confirm rumors at this time, her appearance has definitely improved and we shall wait and see if Billie confirms them or not in future updates; for now enjoy Billie’s recent IG photos below.

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