Beyonce Foxy Brown Costume

Beyonce Foxy Brown Costume – How to Dress Up Like Foxxy Cleopatra

If you want to make an impression at any party or Halloween costume party, a great costume would be Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) starring Beyonce as she battles Dr. Evil and his golden allies using time travel technology. This movie also follows Austin Powers through time travel when using time machines backwards from 1976 into 1975 with Dr. Evil’s help against Dr. Evil’s golden allies.

Foxxy Cleopatra is an homage to characters found in classic blaxploitation movies from the 70’s era, such as Bling Splash or Ghost Busters. She is a woman with strong personalities – she’s both sensuous and tough, talking slangy language like she doesn’t care who hears it – ideal for dressing up as in 1970’s style costumes!

One effective way to create the appropriate atmosphere is to purchase brown boots with platform soles and block heels – these should match both your jacket and pants in brown tones, and should feature big block heels. In addition, be sure to wear a belt around your waist as well as earrings to complete this look.

Add a wig to your costume to complete its look, using one that features a brown hue with a bushy afro. In addition, use some makeup to achieve an appearance similar to that of the character from your film.

Also, purchase white gloves with textured finishes. Wearing pendant necklace and hoop earrings complete the look, as well as adding lots of gold accessories will complete it.

Beyonce Foxy Brown Costumes are an amazing way to commemorate the female spirit of the 70s. This costume character will appeal to people who enjoy being both sensuous and daring at once; and can easily be dressed up by groups or worn alone.

Costumes for this character are relatively straightforward and affordable. An orange zipper sexy crop top and brown leather crop jacket can help achieve the look, as can matching brown leather pants and boots to complete the ensemble.

Beyonce Foxy Brown costumes will help you step back in time and show off your feminine side this Halloween. A beyonce foxy brown costume is perfect for fans of Austin Powers movies who want to showcase their sexy and bold personalities, such as Austin himself. Wear it alone or pair up with Austin as part of a group costume; alternatively you could also dress your friends as Vanessa Kensington, Dr. Evil or Fembot for added effect!

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