Bernie Sanders Steel Chair

Bernie Sanders in the Steel Chair on Inauguration Day

On Inauguration Day, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took center stage, but it was the internet’s ingenious memelords who truly stole the show with Bernie Sanders wearing his signature coat and mittens in unexpected places – like a bench next to Forrest Gump or a subway car in New York City (yes, really!). His polarizing presence spawned an endless supply of social media memes about him.

Many Americans experienced great anxiety on the inauguration day, and former senator and presidential candidate Joe Biden reflected their post-Biden emotions by wearing his favorite overcoat. It symbolized their post-Biden moods: tired and grouchy. Additionally, it demonstrated that despite all the political upheaval of 2020 and 2021, there was still much we could relate to about Bernie’s brand of politics.

He’s the Relatable Everyman

One of the most popular aspects of Bernie Sanders’ reelection strategy has been his efforts to include unions in the campaign. While he has long been an advocate for workers’ rights and has championed their causes for decades, until last year he did not have formal support from America’s union leaders; now they are rallying behind him.

He has a proven record of supporting labor rights and is now seeking to lead a powerful Senate committee that has significant authority on issues like Medicare for All, workers’ rights and affordable college tuition. If elected chair, his influence over these topics would allow him to steer the committee toward progressive policies.

He could use the money to further his advocacy for a $15 minimum wage, which falls under the jurisdiction of the HELP Committee and was blocked in 2021 by conservative Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. Furthermore, he’s actively involved in efforts to reduce prescription drug prices as well as advocating for Medicare expansion to cover dental, vision and hearing services.

His appointment as Chairman of HELP could provide him with a platform to advance his long-standing agenda for universal health care, which he has championed tirelessly over the years. Furthermore, it could give him an opportunity to champion workers’ rights and urge the federal government to take greater responsibility in regulating wages and working conditions.

That type of outreach can bring together a diverse group of activists and movements, particularly in areas where people feel disillusioned with corporate power. It also links up emerging social movements like Black Lives Matter and Fight for $15.

To bring people together, the best approach is to focus on the common good and strive to defeat extreme right-wing sentiment. To this end, the Sanders campaign offers an invaluable platform for connecting with various groups and local campaigns, as well as creating committees and having meaningful conversations around important issues for moving our country forward.

As we enter the home stretch of this campaign, it is critical to assess how our winning strategy can be adjusted according to the shifting political landscape and take on Republican corporate agendas. As long as we stay focused on issues and ensure everyone has an opportunity to join in the battle, we will be successful.

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