Baby’s First Christmas 2017

How to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas 2017

Your baby’s first Christmas is an incredibly momentous milestone in their life and one you should cherish forever. From taking photos with Santa to visiting the tree, there are countless ways to commemorate this special time for both you and your family. Make it a truly memorable Christmas for both of you by creating lasting memories together.

Celebrate your child’s first holiday season with a thoughtful and charming keepsake to commemorate their special day. Whether you opt for a photo holder ornament that showcases all those adorable baby smiles or a personalized ornament featuring your child’s birthdate, these are ideal gifts to add to their collection.

Ornaments are an excellent way to commemorate your child’s first holiday and create a fun tradition they’ll enjoy as they get older. Adding new ornaments to the tree each year helps them identify with their favorite character or hobby, and could even serve as an important keepsake when they get married!

Kirkland’s Baby’s First Christmas Porcelain Hallmark Keepsake Ornament is an exquisite gift for your little one to hang on the tree and cherish for years to come. Featuring a red satin ribbon with “Baby’s First Christmas 2017” message on it, it will serve as a lasting reminder of that special first Christmas.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are the go-to gift for babies, particularly during the holiday season. Not only do they provide comfort to your newborn, but they also help develop motor skills and socialization. You can find many stuffed animals perfect for babies’ first Christmases, such as soft cuddly bears or plush puppies.

Hand Print Ornaments

Are you searching for a unique and personal keepsake, consider creating a Christmas ornament that captures your child’s first holiday season. They will love seeing how small their hands were on that first Christmas, and they can share this memory with their loved ones long after the festivities have ended!

Crafting these crafts together as a family can be both enjoyable and economical, serving to commemorate your child’s first holiday season. You don’t need to purchase an expensive kit; you can easily use an old paper towel roll for creating an ornament that will brighten up any room throughout the year.

Customized Christmas Storybook

Another great idea for creating a special keepsake is making an illustrated Christmas storybook featuring your child’s picture and name. This is an ideal way to remember their first Christmas together as you read it aloud each year!

Christmas Movies

Watching a festive Christmas movie with your family and friends is always an enjoyable part of the holiday. Gathering around the television to watch your favorite film as a family creates wonderful memories, and it can become an easy tradition that you can carry forward from year to year.

Sitting up with a little seat is an integral part of developing motor skills, and having a comfortable baby seat will keep your little one cozy while they play or eat. Little Tikes’ My First Seat is an excellent option that provides plenty of back support as well as an adjustable height feature.

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