Austin Powers Felicity Shagwell Costume

Austin Powers Felicity Shagwell Costume

Mike Myers returns with another sequel spoof featuring Austin Powers. In it, CIA operative Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) enters his life to help track down Austin’s mojo that was stolen by Dr. Evil from another time-space-traveling dimension, while they navigate a new romance and deal with an unseen yet deadly villain.

Deena Appel, the costume designer for the film, notes that some of Austin’s costumes were inspired by 1960s British music icons. “Austin draws heavily on George Harrison and Mick Jagger,” she notes.

The costumes in the movie are inspired by both 1970s and 1967 London, though there are some distinctions. For one thing, 1969 London has a more subdued and sophisticated vibe than its 1967 counterpart.

Furthermore, the costumes in this sequel are far sexier and more glamorous than their predecessors, making them highly appealing to women.

This costume is an ideal choice for girls and women looking to dress up in a stylish manner this Halloween. It includes a glittery disco dress featuring the UK flag, as well as thigh high boots. This officially licensed costume comes in various sizes.

Are you looking to make a statement this Halloween? Look no further than the Austin Powers Felicity Shagwell costume. Inspired from the 1999 movie, this costume boasts plenty of vibrant colors that will look fantastic on you this October. Not only is this costume suitable for parties but it will likely become popular among both kids and adults this year as well.

As you can see in the picture below, this costume is an affordable and convenient choice for girls looking for a fun costume this Halloween. It comes in various sizes and can be purchased from most online stores. This costume includes a long pink wig, red shirt and matching skirt to complete the ensemble.

Another popular Halloween option for girls is the Austin Powers fembot costume. This costume looks fantastic on women with curvaceous figures and is easy to wear – making it a must-have this Halloween. Plus, this officially licensed costume can be purchased from most online stores.

There is a wide selection of fembot costumes to choose from, made by famous companies and DIY projects alike. Many can be found on Amazon and eBay with some even offering free shipping options so that you save money when ordering this costume from them.

Selecting the ideal Austin Powers fembot costume is essential for making your Halloween costume successful and enjoyable. Take a look at the photos below to help determine what kind of fembot costume best fits your body type and size.

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