Armonk Urgent Care

Armonk Urgent Care Center

The Armonk area offers many options for urgent care, including walk-in clinics and extended hours for emergencies. Some clinics have online scheduling to ensure you don’t have to wait in the office. Some clinics provide preventative care and treat non-emergency situations. No matter what type of urgent care clinic or specialty you choose, there is a clinic close to you and easily accessible by public transportation.

The Armonk Urgent care center is connected to White Plains Hospital’s Emergency Department, which allows for faster treatment for patients with more severe illnesses or injuries. One recent patient, who had appendicitis, was treated on the spot by Dr. Jafri, a board-certified emergency physician, and was immediately transferred via ambulance to the hospital. This level of diagnostic ability for an urgent care center is rare.

While a walk-in clinic is a convenient option, the prices charged will depend on the type of care you receive. For example, a basic visit to a walk-in clinic may cost only $100 or less. Some clinics also provide additional services, such as x-rays, MRIs, or physical therapy, which will add to the cost.

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