Aperion Care West Chicago

Aperion Care West Chicago

Residents of Aperion Care West Chicago were more likely to develop pressure ulcers than the national and Illinois averages. This is often due to prolonged lying down. Other high-risk factors include malnutrition and impaired mobility. A high number of residents in the home had signs of depression. While this is not an alarming number, it is higher than the national and Illinois averages.

Aperion Care West Chicago is a Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing facility that serves Medicare-covered residents. It is located in West Chicago, Illinois. The facility offers both private and semi-private rooms, and it is certified to participate in both programs. The facility also has a resident council, which is a requirement under state law. The council provides a forum for residents to communicate with the nursing home staff.

Aperion Care West Chicago offers 213 beds and 204.2 residents per day. According to the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services the facility has not been fined for nursing home violations in the last three years. It is a participant in Medicare and Medicaid, and has an active residential council program.

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