Anti Rebound Bar Car Seat

Anti Rebound Bar Car Seat

Anti rebound bars can be used to limit rebound movement in your child’s car seats, so they are safe and comfortable. These safety accessories attach to the front of your convertible car seat and limit the amount of movement that can occur during a frontal impact crash. Britax has created this accessory specifically for their ClickTight convertible car seats.

The child seat in a car crash will often move toward the front seat, then bounce back to the rear. The seat that has an anti rebound bar installed will stop the car much quicker than one without it. This is because the seat is padded and will come to a complete stop before the unprotected car seat.

Installing the seat is quick and easy. The seat uses a LATCH system to attach to the car’s seat belt, and the seat belt is secured with a Snuglock mechanism. The headrest is also easy to adjust, with a single button. ClickTight makes it easy for you to adjust the headrest to your child’s height.

The Britax Anti-Rebound Bar is a padded steel bar that attaches to the foot end of a ClickTight convertible car seat. It reduces rebound rotation by 40%. This reduces the chance of serious injury in rear facing accidents. It also helps to stabilize the seat in side-impact and front-end collisions.

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti-Rebound Bar was rated the best convertible car seat by Good Housekeeping, and the American Pediatric Association recommends that it be used until a child is 2 years old. Britax Boulevard ClickTight Anti-Rebounce Bar has higher weight and height limits so your child can remain rear-facing longer. This is the preferred position for toddlerhood. A convertible car seat is a great investment, but it is not inexpensive.

ClickTight technology was first introduced to car seats several years ago. It helped improve seatbelt installation, and made rear-facing car seats more secure. Britax has even phased out rear-facing tethering, making the Advocate ClickTight with Anti-Rebound Bar a safer seat than ever. The seat is extremely easy to use and has excellent comfort features.

Another feature of this car seat is its adjustable headrest. Britax’s adjustable headrest can be moved, which can pose a problem for infants. You can use a pool noodle or a towel to counter this. This feature allows for easy adjustment of the headrest and prevents the infant from rolling forward.

Convertible car seats with antirebound bars are most commonly made in Canada. The United States has stricter safety standards. The US does not require anti-rebound bars to be installed, but manufacturers are increasingly adding them as an option.

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