Angela Cullen Net Worth

Angela Cullen Net Worth

Angela Cullen is a physiotherapist who helps Lewis Hamilton train for Formula One. She also helps him with his travel arrangements and daily life. The two have a close friendship and have matching tattoos. She is paid by Hamilton for her services. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Angela Cullen is a physiotherapist

Angela Cullen is a Physiotherapist from New Zealand. She works for Hintsa Performance, a company that specializes in high-performance coaching. She is best known as the physiotherapist of Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. She has a close relationship with the driver and is an invaluable asset in the team’s daily routine.

Cullen is married and has three children. She lives in Menthon-Saint-Benard, France, with her husband, Silas Cullen. They are very close and have matching tattoos.

She is married to Silas Cullen

Angela Cullen is married to Sillas Cullen, an endurance sports coach and former cycling racing team member. Both have successful professional lives. Angela is a physiotherapist and is currently employed as a physiotherapist for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. Silas is also a sportsman and a former professional cyclist, and they are inseparable.

Angela Cullen is married to Sillas Cullen and they have three children together. The couple is currently living in Menthon-Saint-Benard, France. Silas is a professional cyclist and is the director of Smart Coaching. They met while studying at Auckland University of Technology.

She has a tattoo of a rose

The tattoo of a rose is not the first tattoo on Angela Cullen’s body. She has several tattoos, including one on her wrist. She loves sports and has a passion for science. In school, she studied physiotherapy and health science. The tattoo symbolizes her loyalty.

She works as a physiotherapist for Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. She is also responsible for coordinating the Formula One driver’s schedule, diet, and travel plans. Cullen was born in Devonport, New Zealand, and has been involved with sports since she was a child.

She is a sports enthusiast

Angela Cullen is a New Zealand native who studied health science at a young age and went on to become a physiotherapist. She later moved to the United Kingdom, where she worked with the British Olympic team and at the English Institute of Sport. Her association with Bruce Hamilton began after Peter McKnight suggested that they team up. Today, Cullen lives in the Alps region of France.

Angela Cullen has been involved in sport for as long as she can remember. She was involved in several sports while growing up in New Zealand, and eventually gravitated towards field hockey. She went on to study health science and physiotherapy, and now works as a physiotherapist for high-performance athletes.

She is a physiotherapist

Angela Cullen has a varied background and has worked in many different fields. She studied health science in her native New Zealand before moving to the UK, where she specialised in physiotherapy. During this time, she also worked with British Olympic athletes at the English Institute of Sport. In addition, she also became a performance trainer for GB Triathlon. Cullen’s passion for the field of sports has led her to focus on working with high-performance athletes.

Cullen’s work in F1 has earned her a cult status among fans of the sport, and she has been hailed by Lewis Hamilton as his “greatest partnership.” Cullen is a member of the Hintsa Performance Company, which was founded by legendary fitness guru Dr Aki Hintsa. Hamilton has been working with Cullen since the start of the 2016 season and has praised her influence on his performance.

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