Andre Ethier Net Worth

Andre Ethier Net Worth

Among the many baseball players out there, Andre Ethier is one of the more famous players to have a very good net worth. He is a superstar who has played in Major League Baseball and has been on the National League All-Star Team. His net worth is estimated to be around $110 million, which is pretty impressive.

Baseball career

Currently, Andre Ethier has an estimated net worth of approximately 40 million dollars. He has an estimated salary of about 18 million dollars a year, which is a large sum of money. Andre Ethier has a number of social media accounts. He is also a successful singer. He has three solo albums.

Ethier’s grandfather played professional minor league baseball. He was also a member of indie rock band The Deadly Snakes. He has also been involved with the Dodgers in the past.

Andre Ethier was born on April 10, 1982, in Phoenix, Arizona. His mother’s name is Pricialla. He has six siblings. His father, Byron Ethier, is also a baseball player.

Social media accounts

Earlier this year, Andre Ethier announced his retirement from professional baseball. During his 12-year major league career, he has logged more than 1,400 games in a Dodgers uniform. He also made eight postseason appearances. Ethier is not only the franchise leader in postseason games played, but he is also the only player in the club’s history to appear in more than two games in a single postseason.

Andre Ethier’s retirement comes just over a month after he took his last major league plate appearance. He also is on his way out of Dodgersville, as the club will not pick up his $17.5 million club option. Ethier has had a solid career, hitting 162 home runs and accumulating 1,367 hits. But Ethier has had a couple of bumps along the way.


Considering that he is one of the best baseball players in the league, Andre Ether is worth his weight in gold. Not only is he one of the best baseball players in the game, but he is also a successful actor and writer. As a result, he is worth millions of dollars. The age of Andre Ether may differ a bit from one rumor to the next, but his net worth has not been questioned by his fans. He and his wife, Maggie Germaine Ethier, are the proud parents of two sons and three daughters.

One of the more popular rumors circulating the net is that Andre Ether is a big fan of Korean food. But, he has also been known to indulge in a little red wine and salsa from time to time.


Despite playing for 12 MLB seasons, Andre Ethier never won a championship. But, his career has been a remarkable one. In fact, he was the most prolific postseason player in the history of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Andre Ethier has a career OPS+ of 137, which is the second-best in franchise history.

He was also the first player to win a Silver Slugger Award. Andre Ethier’s parents are Mexican Americans. His mother, Priscilla, played in Minors and his father, Pierre Leo “Pete” Ethier, was a baseball player and played for Yavapai College in Arizona. His grandfather, Pierre Leo “Pete” was also a baseball player. Andre Ethier also has six siblings.


During his time in the majors, Andre Ethier has accumulated over 162 home runs in his career. He is a former left fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers. In 2010, he finished the season with the most home runs in the National League. He also led the league in RBIs.

Andre Ethier was born in Phoenix, Arizona, USA on April 10, 1982. He is the youngest son of Byron and Priscilla Ethier. His father was also a baseball player. His father played for the Yavapai Junior College team. He was coached by a legendary player named Gary Ward. His grandfather also played professional minor league baseball.


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