Amy And Tammy Slaton Net Worth

Amy and Tammy Slaton Net Worth

Tammy Slaton, known by her stage name Amy Slaton, was born on 27 July 1986 and is 35 years old. She has stated that she is pansexual. Before starring on TLC’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” she rose to fame on YouTube. Her channel has over two million views and 400,000 subscribers. She has also become a makeup sensation after releasing a video last year showing her application of makeup on half her face.

Amy Slaton’s net worth

Amy Slaton is a YouTube sensation who began posting DIY recordings in 2011. She and her sister Tammy started posting videos of themselves cooking, doing DIY projects, or showing off their pets. Despite the difficulties, they managed to attract the attention of the internet community with their videos. The two women’s instructional exercise recordings quickly became a hit and amassed over 239k endorsers. Despite her success, Slaton has been linked with a number of scandals.

Amy Slaton was born on October 28, 1987, in the United States. She studied at Union High School in Kentucky and has a brother named Chris Combs. She was raised in Dixon, Kentucky by her grandmother. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Amy Slaton’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Amy Slaton is pregnant with her second child with husband Michael Halterman. She announced the news of her pregnancy to her fans on January 2022, captioning a picture of her with her grandson in a onesie. “Gage is going to be a big brother in July 2022,” she explained in the caption. She also noted that she wanted to have children around the age of her sister Tammy Slaton.

Their relationship with Michael Halterman

Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman were married in 2019. Amy and Michael have a 16-month-old son, Gage, and are expecting a second son in the summer. On-screen, Amy often shares intimate moments about her relationship with Halterman. Their relationship is tumultuous, but Amy is determined to be strong and happy for her child.

Despite their turbulent history of relationships, Amy and Michael have found each other a perfect match for one another. They even shared the same hometown, Dixon, KY, and grew up together. The couple met while attending Union High School and were married in March 2019.

In January 2022, the two announced that they were expecting baby #2. The couple moved into a new house in Morganfield, Kentucky after moving from a duplex in Dixon. While they lived together, Amy and Michael shared a home with their neighbor Tammy Slaton.

Their relationship on the show

The future of Amy and Tammy Slaton’ relationship on the show is in doubt, as they’ve split up, but it doesn’t seem like the two aren’t moving on to new relationships. In fact, Tammy Slaton has a new boyfriend, who is reportedly a pansexual. His name is The BBW King, which means he likes big beautiful women.

While it is unknown what exactly happened between the two, it is likely that their relationship was never real. Tammy Slaton dated Phillip Redmond, who later revealed that he had been seeing other women and was now dating someone under 300 pounds. However, her relationship with Phillip deteriorated to the point where she had to call the police to protect herself. Her ex-boyfriend, Phillip, is also said to be jealous of her on social media and has been harassing her.

Amy and Tammy Slaton’ relationship on the show has been characterized as fraught with tension. Although the sisters have a good friendship, their relationship is rocky. The relationship has come under fire in recent weeks due to Tammy’s obsession with Philip. But before the reality show, the sisters had a more amicable relationship.

Their weight loss surgery

Amy and Tammy Slaton’ net worth is approximately $250,000 each. Their net worth could potentially increase after the third season of their television show airs. They are both active on social media and have large followings. Amy runs a popular YouTube account that has over 450K subscribers and 47 million views, while Tammy has over 118K subscribers and 5.6 million total views on her account. They also have an account on Tiktok, where they have over 1.3 million followers.

Tammy’s net worth is about $100,000, according to Stars Offline, but is not as high as Amy’s. However, her net worth is expected to increase, as her YouTube channel has nearly 150,000 subscribers. She has also made an income from Cameos, in which she appears with her son Gage. The two have yet to reveal how much they make per episode, but their YouTube channels are a big source of income.

The sisters used to live in a duplex in Dixon, Kentucky, but they recently bought a new home. The new house cost around $37,000 and is 1,584 square feet. They told their sister Tammy about the new home on their television show.

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