Amina Announces Pregnancy At Reunion

Amina Buddafly Announces Pregnancy at Season 6 Reunion

On Monday night, Love & Hip Hop New York premiered its sixth reunion and it was an action-packed night full of shocking moments and shocking revelations – from shoe tossing to pregnancy announcements and shocking news! Perhaps most shocking of all was Amina Buddafly’s shocker: she announced she is expecting Peter Gunz’s 10th child! Fans were stunned and appalled.

Amina openly discussed her decision to have an abortion after learning that Peter had cheated with Tara Wallace, making the revenge pregnancy even more poignant. When Amina shared she was pregnant again at the reunion, Tara’s look of shock was priceless and it is hard to imagine Amina could conceive again after having had an abortion.

MariahLynn made headlines at the reunion when she revealed she had become pregnant by cast mate Rich Dollaz but decided against having an abortion due to not wanting to set a bad example for her children and keeping the family together. Fans were stunned, as this revelation came as an immense shock, considering they had been dating and appeared content in their relationship for some time prior.

No secret exists that many of the cast members had disagreements during and at the reunion, with Cardi B and MariahLynn being at the forefront. One such dispute almost led to physical altercations before security intervened to keep things under control.

At the reunion, Amina and Peter addressed their cheating scandal and revealed they will be parting ways. Amina was understandably upset over Peter’s infidelity with Tara and feels as if she should have left him before she found out about their affair. This love triangle remains strong despite these revelations; both Amina and Tara being with men known for cheating.

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