American auctions pioneer: Copart automotive industry company

Copart’s online auction platform links buyers and sellers around the globe. It can become your tool to minimize the expenses on a new vehicle. Need more info? Overview of this auction, participation essentials, and helpful tips — find below.

Copart auction: there is something for everyone

Auction Copart sells over two million vehicles each year. The selection is plentiful: you have the opportunity to buy a car from more than 200 locations in different countries. Besides that, on the Copart bidding platform, you can purchase from any group of vehicles: from luxurious classics to industrial equipment. The same thing applies to vehicles’ titles. At Copart, you will find everything from clean-titled automobiles to salvage ones. Meanwhile, various price ranges allow all participants to find and purchase vehicles according to their tastes, needs, and budget. You can bid from any location you like, even from your phone, via Copart’s app launched in 2013.

  • Registrate at Copart (complete a three-step registration including identity verification and membership selection).

  • Submit your business licenses or contact a broker (each state has different requirements for buying vehicles. If you have the required business licenses, register on Copart as a business. All basic and premier members may bid on no license-required inventory. If you wish to access more vehicles, find a broker to assist you).

  • Choose a vehicle (Copart makes searching for automobiles convenient for all users. Copart’s vehicle finder allows members to search through pre-defined categories such as featured items, vehicle types, popular makes, source, damage, ownership document type, and bid based. You can also custom search for vehicles by a vehicle’s year, model, location, VIN, etc.).

  • Place Bids (Copart Members can place preliminary bids before the live auction. Their pre-bid will be represented during the live auction and could be the winning bid if no other bidder submits a higher one during either the pre-bid phase or the live auction. Due to online vehicle auction technology, you also can experience the excitement of a live sale from any comfortable location with an internet connection).

  • Pay for a vehicle and member fees (The payment deadline is three business days, including the day of sale. There is a $50 fee if late).

  • Receive your car (Copart works with third-party tow providers to provide shipping to many countries).

For more detailed information, visit the company’s website.

Speaking of brokers

As is evident, you may need to hire a broker to get full access to auction Copart vehicle selection. Besides that, brokers usually offer a list of services, including dealing with the most responsible and time-consuming purchasing stages. Except bidding without a license, cooperation offers may also include:

  • help with a vehicle search;

  • vehicle pre-inspection;

  • paperwork;

  • arranging of transportations and customs clearance;

  • sending vehicle photo reports before shipping;

  • worldwide shipping;

  • repair advice, etc.

Third-party brokers can make your participation in the auctions clearer and less challenging. There are many companies that offer different kinds of services. Choose the one with good reviews, a clear set of terms, and a staff who is always ready to answer your questions.

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