Amber Heard The Rum Diary Makeup

Amber Heard Defends Herself Against $50 Million Lawsuit

Amber Heard found herself forced to defend herself in court against a $50 million lawsuit brought forth by Johnny Depp over an op-ed she wrote for Washington Post about their split. Amber responded in court by explaining she wasn’t responsible for its content or doing makeup for it – she simply helped out her co-star with their look before the interview took place.

Heard explained that she needed to apply makeup quickly on an extremely limited budget, under immense time pressure to meet shooting deadlines and meet them quickly. Furthermore, Heard had difficulty staying focused as her mind kept wandering back to thoughts of divorce and how it might impact her career.

Heard has appeared in a range of movies throughout her career. Pineapple Express (2008) garnered her a nomination for a Young Hollywood Award; other credits include Zombieland and The Rum Diary.

Heard plays Paul Kemp in The Rum Diary based on Hunter S. Thompson’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name written prior to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas which explores journalism’s seedy side.

Depp does a fantastic job as the younger version of Thompson, eschewing any tendency toward cynicism or paranoia typical of authors such as Thompson. Instead, his character remains romantic and idealistic until becoming disillusioned with life over the course of the story arc. Heard is equally impressive and delivers an unforgettable performance as Kemp’s love interest.

Writer-director Bruce Robinson, known for the alcohol-infused Withnail and I, makes an admirable effort to capture Thompson’s stream-of-consciousness style in The Rum Diary; however, its script often feels disjointed and chaotic. Although featuring cockfights, mob riots, beaches filled with more rum and even an attempt at hallucinogenic drugs is all featured, ultimately The Rum Diary remains only mildly satisfying tropical curios that should delight fans of Depp/Thompson both actors as it falls several drafts short of becoming fully developed story.

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