Alysia Rogers Net Worth

Alysia Rogers Net Worth

If you’re curious about Alysia Rogers’ net worth, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can learn about her acting career, movie roles, and philanthropy. You can even learn about her relationship with her child’s father.

alysia rogers’ acting career

Alysia Rogers has been involved in the acting profession since she was in elementary school. She went to a local school in Milledgeville, Georgia and was very active in several activities during her time at school. Though her educational background is not public, we can assume that she completed her studies from the same school. She had a difficult start in the acting profession and struggled for three years before scoring a big break. During 1992, she began performing in various documentaries and short films. She made her acting debut in Class Act and also acted in Boyz n’ Hood and Before Now. After 1992, Alysia Rogers took a break from acting to focus on other matters. In the meantime, she has been vocal about the issue of gang violence in the African-American community.

In addition to her acting career, Alysia Rogers is a mother. Although she does not publicly disclose her personal life, she does admit to having a baby girl, Cieana Stinson. Neither she nor her husband have ever spoken about her daughter’s father.

her movie roles

Alysia Rogers was born as Alysia Michelle Roger on June 19, 1975. She is the daughter of Robert Hendricks and Jackie Sue Raymond. She is an American citizen and is of black ethnicity. She has been active in the community, speaking out against gang violence and for the preservation of the environment. Alysia has also acted in numerous films and short documentaries.

Her net worth is estimated at $500k. She earns $50,000 per year from her acting career and also makes charitable donations to various causes. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter. She also owns a luxurious house, which is quite expensive in today’s market. This actress has not revealed the identity of her husband and has not shared his social media accounts.

Alysia Rogers’s net worth is determined by her contributions to the world. She has made significant contributions to the world by presenting public speeches and participating in charity events. Besides acting, she has earned millions by addressing environmental issues and protecting the environment. Her net worth has increased due to her efforts to fight against gang violence and to save the environment.

her philanthropy

Alysia Rogers is a well-known actress who devotes much time to philanthropy. She focuses on helping youth in need by speaking out against gang violence and encouraging them to rise above their environment. Some of her notable roles include “Damita” in Kid N Play’s “Class Act,” and “Shanice” in Boyz n’ Hood.

Alysia Rogers’s passion for philanthropy has helped her achieve success. She has given many speeches and participated in numerous programs about gang violence. She is also involved in several organizations, including the Gang Violence Foundation. In addition to her philanthropy, Rogers is also a proud mother. She often shares pictures of her daughter Cieana on social media.

Alysia Rogers is a famous American actress. She is perhaps best known for her role in the movie ‘Boyz n the Hood’. Alysia has also appeared in several short documentaries. In addition to acting, she has hosted numerous television shows, including BBC’s ‘Matilda’ and CBBC’s ‘Ramsay Bunch.’ In recent years, she has taken time off from her acting career to focus on her philanthropy.

her relationship with her child’s father

Actress Alysia Rogers has never publicly talked about the child’s father. She has never revealed his name and has refused to speak about his other relationships. She has never been married or in a relationship, and she has never even mentioned the name of her child’s father. She has been very busy with her community and environmental work, so she has not been able to make time for a man.

Alysia Rogers is a well-known American actress. She has appeared in films such as ‘Boyz n the Hood’ and ‘Class Act.’ She is also a vocal activist who speaks out against gang violence and environmental destruction. She was born on June 19, 1975, in Milledgeville, Georgia. She attended traditional high school and college in Atlanta. She was a part of several theater productions and was involved in several short documentaries.

After completing her studies, Alysia Rogers decided to pursue a career in acting. She struggled at first, but after three years, she landed a major role. Her first big break in the profession was in the 1992 film ‘Class Act’. Since then, she has appeared in several short films and documentaries, and her work continues to grow.

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