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Alexa Bliss Property Records

Alexa Bliss is a WWE superstar who debuted in September 2013. She is a three-time Women’s Champion, and has appeared on the main event and Raw shows. Her impressive career has earned her a net worth of about $2 million. As of 2020, she is ranked in the top 292 in the world.

During her time in the WWE, she has also managed to win the Money in the Bank ladder match and the first women’s Elimination Chamber match. A couple of weeks after her debut, she was added to the Raw roster. In the upcoming year, she will appear on Monday Night Raw in Columbus and will be a featured guest on the WWE Network.

For her part, Alexa is not shy about displaying the fancy. She was seen in sequined gear on her first day of work. And she’s been known to shave her head on occasion. But she’s not the only one with an amazing story to tell.

Besides Alexa’s impressive career, her parents also reveal an emotional story that’s related to her wrestling. Angela and Bob Kaufman are very proud of their daughter and have since become a fan of hers. When they were kids, their daughter had a knack for dancing and acting out the moves of the Hardy Boyz. They saw potential in their daughter.

As a child, Lexi also excelled in sports. She played basketball and also participated in a competitive cheerleading squad. Although she quit the team in 2010, she did not lose her love for athletics. This was the same girl who spent several weeks in the hospital. Thankfully, she is healthy today, thanks to a few years of training.

The social media buzz around her is palpable. Almost every fan is eager to see her on television, especially with the advent of WWE’s digital series. One of her trainers suggested that the company was looking for new talent, and they were impressed with her performance.

Another tidbit of information is that the best part of her job is seeing her daughter shine on the stage. In the past few years, she’s been impressed by her daughter’s acrobatic abilities and her star power. While she was not as impressed when her daughter first joined the WWE, she now is.

Even though she might have been a little embarrassed to show off her daughter’s impressive moves, she is thrilled to have her daughter show her off as a professional wrestler. If her daughter continues to put up the level of performance she’s displayed in the past few years, she may soon be in the company of her mother.

Until now, we’ve primarily known Alexa as a wrestler. However, her starring role on the WWE network is only a small part of her overall career. With her dazzling personality, she’s also a great role model for young girls. That is the biggest reason why she is a bestselling book author. Some of her other accomplishments include being named the number one female athlete in the country by Sports Illustrated and the most successful woman in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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