Air Bud Dog Jersey

Air Bud Dog Jerseys

A well chosen Air Bud dog jersey can go a long way in helping your four legged friend join in the festivities. It will also make him look smart in the process. In the right light, he’ll be the envy of his feline companions. If the game is played in the right spirit, he’ll become a champion for life. As he’ll prove, it’s a matter of training and dedication.

Air Bud has no doubt been a boon to his owner. He inherited his owner’s love of basketball, and has a natural aptitude for playing the game. With the proper training and a little ingenuity, he’ll be a champion in no time. Sadly, his owner Norm Snively is not as forgiving of his pet as he’d like you to believe. Luckily for him and the rest of the Framm clan, a well chosen Air Bud dog jersey can go oh so far in helping your furry friend join in the festivities.

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