Adventures With Purpose Where Is Jared

Adventures With Purpose – Where is Jared Leisek?

Adventures With Purpose is a YouTube channel with over two million subscribers and has solved more than twenty cold cases since it was launched in 2019. Their latest case involved the search for Kiely Rodni, a 16-year-old girl who mysteriously disappeared in August of 2018. The team was able to recover her body in less than 35 minutes.

When Adventures With Purpose was founded, Jared Leisek was a teenage scuba diver. He started the channel as a way to clean lakes and rivers of debris. Over time, he shifted his focus to finding missing persons. As a result, the channel has become famous. One of its videos has garnered 6.7 million views. However, the founder has been accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl in Utah in 1992. Despite the allegations, Leisek is not facing charges. In fact, he is currently being court-ordered to appear in court on November 30 for a preliminary hearing.

The accusations against Jared Leisek are disturbing. In fact, prosecutors filed a criminal complaint against him in the 6th Judicial District Court of Sanpete County, Utah. According to the complaint, Leisek allegedly raped a female relative when she was between the ages of nine and ten. At the time, Leisek was seventeen years old.

This is not the first incident of child rape that Leisek has been accused of. Two other alleged incidents occurred in Utah in 1992. Although the statute of limitations for rape crimes is not set in Utah, there are no age limits on child sex.

Leisek is also accused of sexually abusing a 9-year-old female cousin in Manti, Utah in late 1992. At the time, Leisek forced himself onto the victim twice.

While it is unclear whether the allegations against Leisek are still being investigated, his legal team has been reached out to. His attorney has not returned calls. Currently, the legal team is considering whether or not to pursue the case. If they do, the judge ordered a stop to all of the court appearances. It is likely that the case will be concluded with an official explanation and a written conclusion.

After the story of Kiely Rodni went viral, the founder of Adventures with Purpose was put under scrutiny. A video of the event was shared on the channel’s TikTok account. Several members of the team left the organization. Sam the Adventure Man was one of them. He had an agreement with Jared to mentor him. AWP also paid for all of his travel and lodging, and covered all of the food for him.

After news of the allegations against Leisek broke, several other members of AWP also posted videos about their departure from the group. Many of these videos were related to a rape that occurred when Leisek was a child.

Leisek was not present during the live stream of the discovery of the body of Kiely Rodni. However, he was present for the search and recovery of her vehicle.

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