Adding a New Twist to These Beloved Family Games

Family get-togethers are usually fun affairs and can involve cookouts, big family meals, or a party to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion. There are many important elements that make up these gatherings – with food and good company being important, as well as the games that are played by those in attendance.

After a while though, playing the same games with the same people can get a little tiresome, and you need to change things up to make sure those in attendance (especially children) don’t let their minds wander and engage in behavior that gets remembered for all the wrong reasons. If you are not sure how to go about it, there are some easy changes you can use as a starting point

#1 Playing Monopoly by the Correct Rules

This first one does not so much involve adding a new twist to a game but simply playing it as you are supposed to. Monopoly has sold over 275M units worldwide and comes in all shapes and sizes, but wherever you go, chances are every family has their own version of the rules. These might be rules like picking up the money from Chance and Community Chest fines when you land on Free Parking, or not being able to buy houses or hotels unless you land on the property in question.

By playing by the written rules, Monopoly can be an entirely different game, and might even level the playing field for those who don’t normally win.

#2 Try Different Cornhole Boards

Another popular game is cornhole, especially during the summer. It is a reasonably simple concept, so you might not think there is much you can do to change things up. While the overall principles of the game can remain the same, you change the board you are playing on to something new and original. There are many varieties available, and by visiting  you can get an idea of some of the themed or stained options available.

#3 Add Your Own Bespoke Rules to UNO

Card games are always popular as they are easy to play, fun, and can even have mental health benefits for those playing. Among the most popular is UNO, and while there are already so many different action cards, adding a few rules of your own can make things even more interesting.

For instance, placing a certain card means that the next player has to draw one of the cards from your hand, or allows you to swap hands with another player bringing an extra element of strategy to the game.

Final Thoughts

Making traditional games more exciting isn’t easy but pulling it off can make the party or event unforgettable for those who attend. You could invent your own rules for a game, or throw a spanner in the works by insisting that other games are played by original ones. For games where the rules are quite straightforward though, you could introduce a new element by changing the board the game is played on.

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