Adam Taggart Net Worth

Taggart has long been interested in financial markets. He co-founded Wealthion, an ever-expanding YouTube channel where he interviews leading money experts several times each week.

Taggart hopes to emulate Aaron Sorkin’s character from The Newsroom by restoring substantive debate to cable news programming, with hopes that it may inspire individuals to take control of their finances and take back control over their lives.

Early Life and Education

Adam Taggart hails from Maine. After graduating college he obtained a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Stanford. Once out of school Taggart found work on Wall Street before transitioning into Silicon Valley startups; eventually joining Yahoo Finance as Vice President of Marketing for North America.

Taggart believes it is crucial for individuals to gain knowledge about the trends likely to shape our future so they can take steps to prepare. He is dedicated to raising awareness of such trends among millions of people around the globe and equipping them with knowledge they require for future success.

He’s passionate about sustainable living and dedicates much of his free time to growing food in his garden, building his homestead and playing pickleball – as well as being an excellent family man!

Professional Career

Adam Taggart has made financial literacy his mission in life. While working as an investment banker on Wall Street for Merrill Lynch, he gained first-hand understanding of markets before heading west for an MBA at Stanford and later serving as head of marketing for Yahoo! Finance (the largest money forum on the web).

Wealthion, his YouTube channel where he interviews top money experts multiple times weekly. He is dedicated to raising awareness of trends likely to shape our future so people can take proactive measures now in order to set themselves up for future success.

Like Aaron Sorkin’s character in The Newsroom, Taggart seeks to restore substantive debate to an industry which has prioritised sensationalism for ratings purposes.

Personal Life

Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom character Walter Cronkite inspired Taggart with his direct and straightforward approach to journalism business practices; yet unlike his TV anchor counterpart he doesn’t come from a journalism background himself – initially studying archaeology at Brown University before going on to Stanford for an MBA and working as an investment banker on Wall Street before transitioning into Silicon Valley to eventually become head of marketing at Yahoo! Finance.

Now, he serves as CEO of Wealthion, an advisory and literacy platform, in which he interviews top financial experts multiple times each week. Wealthion educates its users about trends that could alter our future so that they may take preventive actions that safeguard wealth for families in good stewardship.

Net Worth

Adam Taggart is the CEO and founder of Wealthion, an expanding financial brand on YouTube that has quickly grown in its userbase over time. Through Wealthion’s channel he interviews leading experts in finance and economic markets multiple times each week on his channel.

He credits his success to his straightforward, non-partisan approach reminiscent of Walter Cronkite and other iconic news anchors. Though not hailing from journalism; rather having worked on Wall Street and in tech industries – his experience has prepared him well to advance financial literacy through education.

Taggart’s talents extend well beyond Wealthion; he is also part of Grammy Award-winning DJ duo The Chainsmokers alongside fellow musician Alex Pall. Together they have released several albums including Memories…Do Not Open, Bouquet and Collage.

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