Acne Studios You First

Acne Studios You First Sweatshirt Designed by Hotter Tees

Hotter Tees has designed and is shipping an Acne Studios Inspired You First Sweatshirt within two to three business days of placing an order.

Acne Studios was established by Jonny Johansson in 1996 in Stockholm to explore modernism through art, photography, architecture and contemporary culture through multidisciplinary design – its collections encompassing men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing as well as shoes, accessories and denim collections. Yet somehow Acne Studios remains relevant despite this ever-evolving landscape. One brand that remains relevant despite all these changes is Acne Studios which continues to thrive even with all these shifts: Acne Studios was established by Jonny Johansson using multidisciplinary design approach when exploring modernism; exploring modernism through lenses of art photography architecture contemporary culture contemporary culture while exploring modernism through multidisciplinary approaches including art photography architecture contemporary culture contemporary culture through multidisciplinary approach design is taken for designing both men and women ready-to-wear clothing, shoes accessories as well as denim. Acne Studios currently boasts collections for both sexes along with denim offerings including ready-to-wear clothing, shoe collections.

Johansson founded his label with the goal of producing pieces that were both functional and visually pleasing, which has guided their designs ever since they opened their doors. Acne is also known for collaborating with notable brands and artists like furniture designer Paolo Roversi, photographer Richard Avedon and filmmaker Sofia Coppola on various projects. Acne’s collections boast an experimental aesthetic with cool kid staples like outerwear seen everywhere from Williamsburg to Silverlake to South Pigalle in Paris – its collections continue to dazzle shoppers both young and old alike.

Acne Studios was initially known by its acronym of ACNE: Association of Computer Nerd Enterprises; however, soon it changed to “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions,” reflecting their mindset of being bold and challenging convention. Acne Paper Magazine features art photography fashion architecture design cultural commentary; featuring past contributors including Carine Roitfeld Noam Chomsky Sofia Coppola Lord Snowdon and Azzedine Alaa.

The brand does not meet minimum environmental criteria as it fails to take measures to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain, though recycling offcuts and using sustainable fabrics. On animal welfare front, however, no exotic animal hair or down certified by Responsible Down Standard was sourced or used – however no information was disclosed about leather or fur products nor formal policies were implemented for protecting animals.

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