Accident On I 15 Las Vegas Yesterday

Traffic Accidents on Interstate 15 in Las Vegas

It is a sad reality that people die in traffic accidents. Every day, hundreds of Americans lose their lives to car crashes and other forms of motor vehicle accidents. In fact, more people perish on America’s killer roads than die in terrorist attacks or other acts of violence. The 181 mile segment of Interstate 15 that connects Los Angeles and Las Vegas is the most deadly in the country. This is based on a 15-year study of 834 fatal automobile accidents on that roadway.

A driver hit and killed a pedestrian at a Las Vegas intersection Sunday. Authorities identified the victim as a 70-year-old man. He was pronounced dead at the scene. However, police are still trying to determine the cause of the crash.

A silver Hyundai, a four-door passenger vehicle and a pickup truck were all involved in the accident. The truck was traveling at an accelerated rate when it struck the cars. Four people were also involved in the crash. One person was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other three were taken to local hospitals.

The driver of the Ford SUV was injured but able to drive away. The truck and the passenger vehicle were both believed to be traveling legally on the Boulder Highway at the time of the incident.

The truck was dragging the moped down the street for several meters before striking the bike. Police said the driver was traveling at a speed of 100 mph at the time of the crash. Another victim was a 13-year-old girl.

Three other individuals were injured, including a woman who was taken to a hospital. An unknown vehicle was also involved in the crash.

Two other vehicles were involved in a multi-vehicle accident at the Flamingo and Decatur Boulevard intersection. The truck rear-ended the moped and the passenger vehicle was struck by the pickup truck. According to the Clark County Office of Medical Examiner, the victims died of blunt force trauma.

Two other drivers were hurt in the collision. The driver of the truck was expected to survive. Meanwhile, the driver of the passenger vehicle was arrested on DUI charges.

In another incident, a vehicle ran a red light in North Las Vegas and then hit two bicyclists, killing them. According to police, the driver of the SUV was traveling northbound on the Boulder Highway near Russell Road when the accident occurred. The vehicle was a gray 4-door passenger car.

Another accident took place in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 16. At approximately 6 a.m., an SUV hit a pedestrian who was walking along the road. According to the Clark County Office of Medical examiner, the pedestrian died of blunt force trauma. While the SUV driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI, the vehicle was not.

As of Saturday, a total of eight people had been killed in automobile accidents on the I-15. That number is more than double the number of people who died in all other counties combined.

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