Accident I 85 Atlanta

Avoiding Accidents on I-85

Every day, hundreds of accidents happen along Atlanta’s highways, often leading to devastating outcomes for victims and their families. Fortunately, most traffic collisions can be avoided with some common sense and safe driving practices.

First and foremost, drivers in Atlanta are notorious for speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors behind the wheel. These tendencies contribute to many traffic accidents and injuries throughout the city.

Be aware that many accidents occur at intersections, especially on highways like I-85. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration nearly two out of every five fatal traffic fatalities involve a crash at an intersection.

That being said, most traffic accidents are the result of driver error rather than design flaw. For instance, drunk or distracted drivers may fail to see an approaching car or even a pedestrian in time.

The Best Ways to Keep Yourself Safe on the Road

In addition to abstaining from reckless behavior behind the wheel, you should also take steps to reduce your risk of being involved in a crash by planning out routes carefully. Doing this can help you steer clear of potentially hazardous intersections on your commute.

For instance, it is recommended to avoid Habersham Road and West Paces Ferry Road if at all possible. These intersections have a reputation for being particularly hazardous, often leading to more fatal accidents than other crossroads.

When planning your route, it is important to avoid road construction zones, traffic jams and intersections with high volumes of cars and trucks. Not only will these tips save time and money for you, but they may also help prevent serious accidents on the way to work or play.

The Crash of the Week: Accident i 85

On Thursday afternoon, three serious crashes on I-85 caused delays in both Montgomery and Lee counties. The worst incident involved four vehicles but all lanes have reopened hours later. If you’re commuting in this area, expect delays until traffic returns to normal.

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