Abbeville Urgent Care

Abbeville Urgent Care

Abbeville Urgent Care offers extended hours of healthcare. The clinic specializes on acute injury and illness. Common services include the treatment of lacerations, abrasions, minor fractures, earaches, colds, and sore throats. Additionally, the facility can provide physicals, EKGs, and x-rays.

The clinic will inform patients via email and text message about the status of their appointments. Patients should also check their cellular carrier’s messaging and data rates to determine whether they are eligible to receive these services. The facility sends reminder texts to patients if they are over 15 minutes late for their appointment.

The Abbeville Urgent care Clinic provides affordable, friendly care for those who need walk-in healthcare in Abbeville. The clinic is easily accessible and affordable thanks to its extended hours. We love the care we receive at this clinic, and Tiffanie is happy to spread the word.

Lafayette residents have an easy option with Abbeville Urgent Care. This clinic is available for both children and adults with acute illnesses. Services include the treatment of sore throats, lacerations, colds, minor fractures, and eye irritation. The physicians at Abbeville Urgent Care are also skilled at stitching cuts, removing foreign objects, and giving vaccinations. The clinic’s medical operations are overseen by a board-certified 5th-generation medical doctor.

Patients looking for walk-in care often seek treatment when their doctor’s office is closed or unavailable. These patients typically seek care during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Early morning hours can be busy, but the midday hours tend to have shorter wait times. You can check-in online beforehand to make your appointment faster.

For those seeking quick care, an urgent care center is an excellent alternative to the emergency room. These centers offer the same care but at a much lower cost and have more convenient hours. Additionally, they can treat minor illnesses and injuries that would take hours in the emergency room. The wait time for treatment can be half of that in an emergency room.

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