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A Home Cleaning Checklist for New Homeowners

When you buy a new home, there are a lot of tasks and chores you need to take care of on your own. Lawn care, roof repair, and cleaning are a few of these – you have to do them yourself. Unless, of course, you hire a cleaning service.

Home cleaning can take a lot of time, energy, and money. The carpet can get stinky and downright gross.

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you use a home cleaning checklist, you can identify areas that need scrubbing, vacuuming, or window cleaning.

Cleaning your new home doesn’t have to be tough- with this checklist, you can earn sure you’ve got covered!

Continue reading to learn about a home cleaning checklist for new homeowners.

Cooking Area

Start by cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and putting away all unessential items. Throw out expired food and old cleaning tools. Wipe down all surfaces and counters, and apply a disinfecting cleaner to the sink and all kitchen appliances, including the stove, oven, refrigerator, and microwave.

Check range hoods and filter for dust buildup and steam clean kitchen rugs. Thoroughly dust all light fixtures, walls, and baseboards.

Finally, clean any windows to allow natural light to shine in. Once this checklist is complete, you’ll have a sparkly clean kitchen to cook and dine in!

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms need careful cleaning, ensuring all covers are touched. Begin at the sink. Give it a thorough cleaning and, if necessary, use anti-mold spray. Bathroom cleaning with a bio-multi-surface home cleaner is a choice if you prefer raw ingredients. Be sure to clean the faucets as well.

Living and Sleeping Areas

Most likely, the living spaces and bedrooms will only need a thorough sweep, mop, and vacuum. If you are still determining how the carpets have existed, it can be worthwhile to hire a pro. They will clean the floors to ensure that there are no left behind.

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Clear the shelves in your closet of any accumulated shoes, blankets, and other stuff.

  • Cut extra clothing off hooks to avoid a cluttered appearance caused by a closet full of garments.
  • Staging isn’t only for furniture—stage your closet as well.
  • You can direct your wardrobe by placing your handbags, cushions, clothing, and decorative boxes on a different shelf.


Remove things like outdated menus that you no longer need. Put batteries and similar supplies in compact boxes. It would help if you placed supplies for hair combs and brushes in a basket under the sink.

To make your drawers look tidy, get dividers and drawer organizers.

Have a Home Cleaning Checklist for an Organized Clean-up

A clean, healthy home may live with the least stress if the necessary planning exists. To have a positive ability with cleaning service, adhere to the tip and create a list tailored to your needs. Keep this home cleaning checklist close at hand and refer to it to keep your house tidy and organized.

Make your home the haven you deserve by getting started as soon as possible!

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