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A Christmas Story Beanie For Sale

Few classic Christmas movies are as beloved as A Christmas Story (1983). The tale centers around Ralphie, an eleven-year-old boy who spends much of the year trying to persuade his family and neighbors that he needs a Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle for Christmas. Along the way he finds himself encountering all kinds of amusing situations – like being told by department store Santa he will shoot out an eye, or getting his tongue caught on a flagpole after triple dareing bullies not touching him!

Many have made A Christmas Story an annual viewing tradition in December, just like its sequel It’s a Wonderful Life. So beloved is the film that there is now a museum dedicated to it in Hammond, Indiana; additionally, the actual Parker household that served as filming locations has recently been listed for sale; anyone interested can get more details from here.

While A Christmas Story has had several sequels since it first came out, A Christmas Story Christmas will soon hit Netflix and HBO Max. The film centers around adult Ralphie returning home for Christmas in Hohman, Indiana; Peter Billingsley reprises his role from the first movie; Ian Petrella portrays Ralphie’s younger brother Randy while R.D. Robb is back as Flick.

Ralphie returns home with his family, determined to give them an enjoyable Christmas Day that his Old Man (Julie Hagerty) would approve of. On this trip he meets up with an old acquaintance who gives him his sweater that his father (Darren McGavin) wore in the movie. Director Bob Clark and writer Jean Shepherd originally imagined Ralphie’s Old Man being an unnamed alcoholic who often played practical jokes; unfortunately due to budget restrictions this could not be done, and instead McGavin ended up taking this role and becoming iconic within A Christmas Story itself.

No matter if it’s your first or hundredth time watching A Christmas Story, there is something special and heartwarming for everyone in this classic holiday film. Celebrated for its humor, acting, and writing talents alike, A Christmas Story remains one of the most loved holiday flicks ever produced. Fans should check out these A Christmas Story gifts; such as buying the famous leg lamp seen in the movie for your home! It might not look quite the same but will still add an adorable decorative element.

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