A 900 Kg Car Moving At 10m/s

The Centripetal Force on a 900 kg Car Moving at 10m/s

In an ideal collision, a 900 kg car moving at 10 m/s will not fall in front of the other car. Moreover, the collision will also result in zero acceleration and zero net force. This equation is easily explained by comparing the speed at which a 900 kg car moves at 10 mph with that of a 1,500kg car at 100 km/h.

You’d be amazed to learn that a car weighing 900 kg can move at 10 m/s. The centripetal force is equal to the sum its horizontal components of friction. The car’s centripetal power is the force that causes it around a bend of 180.4m at constant speed. Alternatively, imagine a string attached to a 0.5 kg stone that whirls in a vertical circle at a uniform speed.

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