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90 Day The Single Life – Natalie Mordovtseva Wants to Get Back Together With Ex-Husband Mike Youngquist

Natalie Mordovtseva had an illuminating season on 90 Day: The Single Life, as her journey took her all over. She attempted to repair her relationship with Josh Weinstein but when he refused her ultimatum and thoughts of having kids, she returned home to Washington state to reconnect with her ex-husband Mike Youngquist.

Following Natalie and Mike’s reunion, things went much better than expected for the reality TV couple. However, a new tell-all episode revealed that there is one major issue still hanging over Natalie and Mike’s relationship.

Even after two years of marriage, Natalie’s immigration status remains uncertain. It turns out she and Mike never filed paperwork to officially obtain her Green Card – something which poses a problem now that they’ve divorced.

Though it remains uncertain if Natalie and Mike can rekindle their relationship, it appears they may be on cordial terms since both have been seen together on Tinder.

Last year, they even followed each other on Instagram.

She later shared a selfie with Josh in February 2022, leading to romance rumors among fans.

Now, rumors suggest Mike may not be interested in getting back with Natalie. A source close to the former reality star claims Mike has been seen dating other women online but that doesn’t guarantee he won’t be seeing her anytime soon.

No one knows if Natalie and Mike are still together, but there can be no doubt about their immense love for one another. Rumors swirl that they’re working on a 90 Day: The Single Life spinoff with Josh that is currently filming.

The reality star is in no rush to reunite with Mike, but she still hopes for a second chance. She admitted that she’s “feeling a little bit regret” about parting ways after one and a half years of marriage, so now it’s time for them to try again.

Mike may not have any children, but she still adores him deeply and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Although they parted ways a year ago, she apologizes for leaving him and hopes that her next relationship will be with someone who appreciates who she has become as an individual.

She’s been in contact with her mother in Ukraine, who is desperately in need of assistance. But she worries that due to the restrictions placed upon her by her visa status, she may not be able to leave the country.

On this week’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie had an awkward face-to-face meeting with Trish – her ex-wife’s mother. Unfortunately for Natalie, the confrontation did not go as planned and she ended up crying during it.

Her former adversary Trish was clearly dismayed that Natalie had changed her mind, so she began a heated debate on whether or not Natalie should stay with Mike despite what she had done to him in the past.

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