80’s Halloween Costume Inflatable Head

Inflatable Halloween Costume Ideas From the ’80s

When shopping for Halloween costumes, the options can be limitless. From dressing as your favorite movie character or musical artist from the ’80s, to on-trend ’80s costume ideas inspired by blockbuster movies like Dirty Dancing and Ghostbusters; you have many possibilities available to you when selecting an ensemble for Halloween night.

Blow up costumes offer an easy and enjoyable way for kids to dress up for any special event, and can quickly get them in the Halloween spirit! Consider this blow up ghost costume as it will certainly cause plenty of laughs during a Halloween playdate or playdate!

For an affordable yet striking Halloween look, inflatable wigs offer another cost-cutting solution. Boasting adorable facial features and perfect for any event imaginable, they’re certain to become the center of attention wherever they’re worn! Perfect if dressing as characters from classic horror films!

Another popular ’80s costume is this inflatable pig head. A fun alternative to traditional animal costumes, it makes an eye-catching statement while showing your kids’ humorous side! For even more ’80s inspired looks, try also picking up this inflatable cow head or this cheetah costume; both options make great choices for trick-or-treating or school parties as well as satisfying kids who long to be their favorite characters from this period of history!

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