5 Below Press On Nails

5 Below Press on Nails

Press on nails are an effortless way to achieve that salon look from home! Easy and convenient use make these press on nails look fab.

Press-on nails were once seen as an embarrassing way of getting manicures; today they’re widely accepted as one of the easiest and quickest ways of giving oneself one. “With some easy prep, these faux nails may last 10 days or longer depending on your nail beds and lifestyle,” according to manicurist Christina Grant. We consulted her and other experts for their best tips for getting the most from press-on faux nails.

Before selecting the appropriate size, always choose the ideal one. Most press-on kits feature a size chart on the back of their fake nails; zero is the largest size while 11 is usually considered small for both thumb and pinky fingers; most people tend to fall between these sizes. Too large of nails may become loose and chip off or chip, while too small ones might look unnatural and unattractive.

Next, thoroughly wash your hands. Push back cuticles and use an alcohol prep pad (such as this one from imPRESS) to gently exfoliate nails of any oils or dirt build-up that could interfere with adhesion of press-on nails. Some press-on kits include such pads; alternatively you can purchase one at most beauty retailers.

At this step, use a small dot of nail glue on both your fake nails and real nail plates – not too much, or your nails may look unnatural and lumpy!

Now is the time to apply press-on nails. Press down firmly for 10 seconds while holding down for at least as long, trimming any extra fake nails until they fit onto your natural nail beds, trimming and filing as necessary. For full sets, add another dot of nail glue onto each fake nail and repeat this process as required.

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