48 X 48 Access Panel

The 48 x 48 Access Panel

The 48×48 access panel may be the smallest in the world, but it’s certainly no lightweight when it comes to function. Ideal for flush mount universal, drywall or plaster access applications, its robust construction stands up to even rough handling.

GFRG/GFRC (Golden Fiber Reinforced Glass/Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) and 70% post-consumer recycled glass create an unbeatably green design matrix. Available in sixty standard residential or commercial sizes, these panels boast either a surround frame with either a drop-in door or hinged door for convenient access.

The eye-catching red glass panel can be installed over a variety of wall surfaces, such as drywall, plasterboard and wood. By simply using shims to adjust the frame size accordingly, it will fit most openings perfectly.

The panel also boasts an energy-saving gasket seal that blocks attic temperatures from entering living space.

When it comes to access doors and panels, the 48 x 48 access panel stands out among the rest. It has become one of the most sought-after ceiling access products in North America.

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