Yusef Rasheed Cause Of Death

Yusef Rasheed Cause of Death

Yusef Rasheed was an American man who became well-known after marrying his beautiful sweetheart Oracene Price, best known as being mother to Venus and Serena Williams of tennis fame. Unfortunately he died due to an unexpected heart attack in 1979 leaving behind three daughters with her named Yetunde Price, Isha Price, and Lyndrea Price as his legacy.

Yusef and Oracene’s love story began at an early age. Although details surrounding their meeting remain unclear, their romance soon led to marriage – in an intimate ceremony attended by family and friends of both parties – before death parted them ways in 1979.

Yusef was well-known in professional sports circles, yet chose to keep his personal life and his relationship with Oracene under wraps. Being shy himself, he did not use social media – although it would be easy to infer that he was an extremely happy and loving husband.

Oracene and Yusef were proud parents to three daughters. Yetunde Price, born August 9, 1972 in Saginaw Michigan was their eldest. Though now deceased, Yetunde had an outstanding career as both nurse and beauty salon owner before she passed. Isha Price is also well known as an accomplished professional dancer; while Lyndrea Price works as the creative executive for translation website plugin company Lezchat.

Oracene and Yusef’s marriage may not have lasted very long, yet they remained very close. When he died, she handled everything with strength and dignity while being an outstanding mother and wife who provided their children with a comfortable lifestyle.

Yusef Rasheed’s exact cause of death remains unknown, although it’s suspected he experienced a heart attack shortly before passing away at 28 years old. Surrounded by loved ones at his passing away, his passing can only be considered tragic.

Yusef Rasheed will be missed by many people, both family and friends alike. A talented footballer himself, as well as assistant coach with the Los Angeles Galaxy. A caring and compassionate individual, so many will miss him deeply. His family and friends are understandably devastated by this sudden tragedy; all they can do to stay strong is pray for his soul to rest peacefully so they may heal soon with support from family, friends, and everyone who knew Yusef in life.v

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