Yasmyn Switzer Net Worth

Yassin Swisser Net Worth

Yassin Swisser is a very popular singer. Her songs are incredibly popular, and she is one of the most popular YouTube stars on the internet. She has a very high net worth, and she has a lot of fans and followers. Her net worth is also increasing, and she has been getting more and more popular with each passing day.


During her teenage years, Yasmyn Switzer aspired to be a beauty queen. But, when she became pregnant at age 16, her schooling was interrupted. During her first pregnancy, Switzer worked as a lifeguard at the beach. She was also home-schooled.

Yasmyn Switzer is now engaged to Logan Dominick. They have three children. Their daughter Analia Rae was born in December 2019, and their daughter Laela Juliana was born in June 2018. They are expecting another baby in November 2021. Their relationship is going well.

Yasmyn Switzer has a net worth of $3, Millon. She is very successful on YouTube and Instagram. She has over tens of millions of total views. Her most popular video has over 1.4 million views. Yasmyn has made many videos including lifestyle videos and reaction videos.


Known for her videos on teen pregnancy, Yasmyn Switzer is a YouTube personality and a social media influencer. She has earned over tens of millions of views and is the highest-rated teen ticktoker in the USA. Yasmyn’s most popular video has more than 1.4 million views.

Switzer was 16 when she got pregnant, and she decided to post a video about her pregnancy. She continued to attend high school after she became pregnant. She met her husband, Logan Dominick, soon after. The couple got engaged in September 2020. In May 2019, they announced they were expecting a second child. Their baby was born in June.

Yasmyn Switzer was born in the United States. Her parents supported her decision to get pregnant early. She had aspirations to be a beauty queen when she was younger. She also played varsity soccer in her freshman year. She attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

YouTube channel

Despite her young age, Yasmyn Switzer’s YouTube channel has gained millions of subscribers and views. She is best known for her videos about teen pregnancy and parenting.

Switzer was born in Silver Spring, Maryland and raised by her mother and grandmother. She attended private schools, including a Quaker school. She also played varsity soccer and tennis during her freshman year. She had aspirations to become a beauty queen.

Switzer’s YouTube channel is managed by Select Management Group. She makes money through ad revenue and paid partnerships. She earned about $ 884 a month in March 2018. She lives in Delaware with her parents, her two younger sisters and two dogs. She recently moved to a town near the sea in summer 2017.

When Yasmyn Switzer was 15 years old, she became pregnant for the first time. Her parents supported her decision to get pregnant at such a young age.

Relationship with Logan Dominick

Known as the Instagram Star, Logan Dominick is a popular celebrity born on September 17, 2001. He has over 30,000 followers on Instagram and is often seen posting lifestyle photos.

He and his YouTuber girlfriend Yasmyn Switzer have a daughter together and are expecting a second child. Logan and Yasmyn met ten days after Laela’s birth. They moved in together and rent an apartment.

Logan and Yasmyn are still dating, though they have yet to confirm if they are actually together. They have not revealed any details of their divorce.

Logan Dominick has a net worth of about $1-5 million. His net worth is boosted by his thriving Instagram account. He is not known for being a cheater. He prefers to keep his private life private.

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