X Maxx Radio Control Car

The X-Maxx Radio Control Car

The X-Maxx is the ultimate monster truck. This monster truck is a marvel of engineering and size, capable of traveling 50+ mph. The X-Maxx has over 30 volts of extreme 8s power to power its incredible blazing performance!

The X-Maxx has an innovative motor mount that cradles your motor without flexing. This allows for easier gear mesh adjustments and a longer life. The X-Maxx also features fast steering and a tight turning arc with advanced suspension geometry. This gives it extreme power and agility.

The X-Maxx features a tough, all-steel drivetrain and a Torque-Biasing Center Drive to increase power transfer and durability. This radio control car also has a dual-fan cooling system for improved performance. Its driveline is built to last for years, with no shaky parts to ruin your fun.

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