Wylie Jail Inmate Search

How to Do a Wylie Jail Inmate Search

The Wylie Jail Inmate Search service allows loved ones of inmates in a city jail to quickly and easily identify the location of an individual who may be held there. This free service also gives information on how you can contact an inmate; however, for inmates located elsewhere (prisons or jails), further research may be necessary in order to access this information.

An inmate search at Wylie Jail allows for you to locate an individual’s name, date of birth and criminal history as well as their booking number and charges against them. Furthermore, this service also reveals release dates and bond amounts; you may even locate their photo/mugshot which can prove incredibly helpful for family and friends of those held behind bars.

Use the Wylie Police Department Inmate Search Tool to quickly check on an inmate’s status. This website regularly updates its records and lists all inmates. Alternatively, call your jail to inquire about them as well; but keep in mind that their staff may be unable to assist if your loved one is in long term incarceration.

As it is essential that its inmates be granted as much freedom as possible, this jail does not offer its inmates much in terms of freedom. For instance, they cannot receive mail or packages, nor access their money – meaning any outstanding fines or restitution payments could potentially deduct from their commissary account leading to financial issues for some individuals.

Additionally, Wylie City Jail does not permit inmates to have visitors. You are permitted to visit them during scheduled visiting times only in person to ensure their safety and well-being. If you cannot visit them personally you can always write them but this could be risky; therefore it would be better if any problems could be addressed prior to making contact.

Visitation hours at Wylie City Jail are restricted to three days each week and children under 18 must be supervised by an adult with proof of age and legal guardianship documents. Visitors will also be subject to metal detector screenings and searches of their cars/bags for added security measures.

The City of Wylie Jail can be found at 2000 Highway 78 North, Wylie, Texas 75098 and is a low security police department jail that houses adult inmates arrested under Texas state law awaiting trial, plea bargaining or serving time for crimes under its jurisdiction. Individuals usually condemned at this facility are typically accused of less serious offenses and can call home daily to stay connected with loved ones while serving time in incarceration.

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