Wylie Child Care

Wylie Child Care Services

Wylie child care services offer safe, quality childcare for young children. Children are cared for by licensed professionals who have extensive experience working with children. They provide supervision for children who are too young to go to school or for school-aged children who need supervision before or after school. Whether you need child care for your newborn or for your entire family, Wylie has the solution.

Wylie police reviewed surveillance footage from Wylie child care to investigate allegations of child abuse. According to the police, Roberts was observed forcing children to sit on his lap, tickling them until they squirmed and touching the children inappropriately. Roberts was arrested for child abuse, a felony.

Adults wishing to use Wylie Recreation Center’s facilities must register for a Rec Pass, a special pass that entitles the holder to access the facilities of the recreation center. The pass must be purchased online and requires proof of identity for adults 18 years old and over. It is non-refundable and non-transferable. Children aged 0-6 must be accompanied by their legal guardian during the pass registration process. Adults must also present a valid driver’s license.

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